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  • This rule is effective for citadels in solar systems within six lightyears of 4-HWWF (including QFF-O6 and A3-RQ3).
  • Member corps are free to anchor medium-sized citadels. However, the Coalition Directors may ask to unanchor if the location of the citadel has adverse effects strategically.
  • Please send a prior notice to the Coalition Directors before anchoring large-sized or extralarge-sized citadels. Do mention the exact location, time to online, and the type of the citadel.
  • Do not anchor refineries (Athanors and Tataras) on your own. See Refineries
  • The reinforcement window should be set at 13:00(EVE TIME).
  • Please set up the profile according to the WC ACL channel. Docking access for Coalition members is mandatory.
    • Do not grant docking access to neutral alts. In special cases, contact the Coalition directors.
  • The cloning bay service fee should not exceed 100,000 ISK。
  • For market services, see Markets.
  • The manufacturing tax rate for any given structure must be higher than 1% . Currently, you can set a special tax rate for yourself only (subject to change).
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