Public Moon Mining

The following public Moon mining rules are specific to EN Fraternity players.

  • Fraternity public moon extracts are pinged in the frt-mining-pings channel in Discord. EN Member corps may only mine EN Public Moons. These will have "EN-PUBLIC" in the name. (
  • Always mine the moon asteroid fields from both sides to the middle.
  • Do not switch to other asteroids before finishing the current one you are on.
  • Do not mine asteroids already being mined by another ship unless given permission.
  • Cherry picking ores on Public Moons is forbidden.
  • No B or C type crystals allowed.
  • Rorquals will be used for boosting and/or compression ONLY
  • When reporting violations, also take a tactical view screenshot covering the whole moon belt from the upside.
  • For moons that are outside the 4-H umbrella, any military response is doubtful, unless we have a defense fleet pre-staged. Make sure you have scouts out in surrounding systems to provide early warning.
  • Any violations of these rules will follow our standard PvE Violations rules which includes docking bans, fines, or for serious and repeated offenses, kicking.
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  • by Arrowspeeed_Bounty