Fleet Participation

Preparing for Fleets

  • To learn about Winter Coalition doctrines, check this ingame channel: FRT-Doctrines
  • This will show you the fits for each ship and each doctrine.
  • Be sure to include any implant requirements (this will be listed as "capsule")
  • Near the top of the channel you will see a link for skill plans. This is very useful to help you efficiently train what you need.
  • Try to have at least one ship you can fly in your hanger for each doctrine. For frequently used doctrines, more then one ship is better.
  • Set up push to talk keys for fleets in Mumble (required for fleets): http://i.imgur.com/KRcwhlc.gif This will allow you to talk in your current channel only. (Shows yellow icon). To talk to FC channel in a fleet use the Push-to-Talk shortcut key (shows blue icon)
  • Watch the WC & Friends discord channel for pings, which will provide information about fleets you can join.
  • Your participation in the fleet will be recorded automatically.
  • Check with your CEO for details about the fleet requirements for your corp.

When You are in A Fleet

  • Reduce distractions in your environment when you are in a fleet. Listen carefully for FC commands such as "align", "anchor", "jump", and "lock target"
  • Check the MOTD when you join the fleet before you ask questions.
  • Do not interrupt the FC
  • If you broadcast targets without authorization during the fleet, you may be removed from the fleet.

Salvaging and Looting

  • When in or near a fight, never loot the field unless specifically requested by the FC. In the case of structures, violating this rule can have significant diplomatic consequences for both yourself and your alliance. Looting the field without FC permission during a fleet (whether or not you are in the fleet or just on the field) requires you to return all salvage along with paying a fine.
  • Do not loot a friendly wreck if the owner is still on the field or in the fleet.

NPSI Fleets

Use non-coalition alts, if possible; otherwise, don’t shoot blues and inform the relevant FC at the time why you can’t participate.

Faction Warfare

  • On a trial basis, we are allowing your faction standings to be ranked above your blue standings in the lowsec Faction Warfare zones here. They cannot be above your alliance standings. This applies only if you are a member of a faction warfare group.

https://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Amarr_VS_Minmatar https://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Caldari_VS_Gallente

  • For FRT and FRT-U only: both two alliances cannot do any kind of firing to FRT and FRT-U, including FW
  • This trial will be adopted by PANFAM & Winter Coalition.
  • Special reminder: this is LOWSEC ONLY. Pirate insurgency in highsec systems for example are not currently included. Nullsec isn't included either.
  • Regarding militia standing, we RECOMMEND not to shoot your same militia members, despite if the pilots might be negative alliance standing. For example FRT is not advised to shoot a B2/Imp pilot if both are in the caldari militia. However it is a suggestion and thus not binding. Coalition will not pay or ask anyone to pay related losses.
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