Note: This range is applied to the alliances as follows only:

  • Fraternity. <FRT>
  • SONS of BANE <.S0B.>
  • Siege Green. <SGGRN>
  • Cyno.Up <.CYNO>
  • Random Violence. <-RV->
  • Test Alliance Please Ignore <TEST>
  • Siberian Squads <SB-SQ>
  • East Wind <D.F>

Please refer to other internal notes for other alliances.

Permitted Areas

  • In the following systems where the TCU and the IHUB are owned by Fraternity. <FRT> or Siege Green. <SGGRN>:
    • Within six light years of 4-HWWF (The Super Capital Range below)
    • In Vale of the Silent, the E-8CSQ, 9KX-M0, A3-TBB, and YDS0-Y constellation.
    • In Tribute, the 1P-VL2 and GORV-P constellation, and the QFF-O6 solar system.
    • In Geminate, the F-ZNNG constellation.
  • In systems where the TCU are owned by SONS of BANE <.S0B.>, except the solar system 2H-TSE, M-MD31, and QKTR-L.

Banned Areas

  • No capital PvE shall occur in the 4-HWWF solar system.
  • The Branch region
  • The Tenal region
  • The RJ-1R7 constellation in the Geminate region

No PvE activity should take place in non-permitted areas including Ratting, Mining, Exploration and other anomalies. Escalations and Agent Missions are excluded - Please keep screen records when doing them. Scanning is prohibited in the above areas (including wormhole scanning).

Events activity is not permitted outside of normal allowed PVE areas unless there is an exception communicated by leadership for a particular event. Disagreements about specific event considerations should be discussed with diplos. And always be polite and considerate of not hurting other coalition members.

A one billion fine can be incurred if a second offense violation.

Maps for convenience: MAPS

The Super Capital Range

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