Note: This range is applied to the alliances as follows only:

  • Fraternity. <FRT>
  • SONS of BANE <.S0B.>
  • Siege Green. <SGGRN>
  • Cyno.Up <.CYNO>
  • Random Violence. <-RV->

Please refer to other internal notes for other alliances.

Permitted Areas

  • In the following systems where the TCU and the IHUB are owned by Fraternity. <FRT> or Siege Green. <SGGRN>:
    • Within six light years of 4-HWWF (The Super Capital Range below)
    • In Vale of the Silent, the E-8CSQ, 9KX-M0, A3-TBB, and YDS0-Y constellation.
    • In Tribute, the 1P-VL2 and GORV-P constellation, and the QFF-O6 solar system.
    • In Geminate, the F-ZNNG constellation.
  • In systems where the TCU are owned by SONS of BANE <.S0B.>, except the solar system 2H-TSE, M-MD31, and QKTR-L.

Banned Areas

  • No capital PvE shall occur in the 4-HWWF solar system.
  • The Branch region
  • The Tenal region
  • The RJ-1R7 constellation in the Geminate region

No PvE activity should take place in the areas above (including Ratting, Mining, Exploration and other anomalies; Escalations and Agent Missions are excluded - Please keep screen records when doing them). Scanning is prohibited in the above areas (including wormhole scanning).

A one billion fine is incurred if violated.

The Super Capital Range

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