Capital Ratting Rules:
- Carriers – Ratting is not recommended but allowed at your own risk. No saves or SRP
- Dreads – Ratting is very dangerous and not recommended but allowed at your own risk. No saves or SRP
- Supers – Super ratting is allowed at your own risk within 6 light years of 4-HW. No saves or SRP. Supers must also follow these rules if they are ratting: https://wiki.winterco.org/en/rules/pve/crab.

Ratting Rules in Spanish (Google Doc by Caramon) Ratting Rules in Russian (Google Doc by Inos Anzomi)

  1. For ratting activities in the Fraternity sovereignty area, please keep yourself within the permitted PVE area.
    1. Capitals are exclusively allowed to bait with proper reinforcements in 4-HWWF. Other activities here are strictly forbidden.
  2. Do not attack alliance members or other entities with a Positive standing in any scenario. Please contact the Coalition directors should you encounter any issues.
  3. The Standing Fleet in game and the relevant Mumble Standing Channel are mandatory to join when ratting (read MOTD in fleet). If you are tackled, ask for help in Mumble and provide accurate information.
  4. Do not AFK in supercapitals while tethering. Please dock or safe-log if you leave.
  5. If a Rorq deploys a CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon (CRAB), it must be in an asteroid belt with ores and the Rorq must be fitted with PANIC module.
  6. Traffic lights are used to determine if certain ships may undock for PVE. Traffic lights do not influence ship priorities for sites.
  7. Please see Supers rules here https://wiki.winterco.org/en/rules/pve/crab.
  8. Possible penalties for infractions include: warning, docking ban, fine, kill-on-sight status (in extreme cases), membership removal, and blacklisting.
  1. You must call the site in the dedicated channel before warping to sites in sovereignty space. Use the trailing 3 number code when calling sites.(e.g. send 123 to the channel for site ABC-123)
  2. Call sites with the actual ratting character, even if you have multiple characters ratting at the same time. Do not call sites for alts using a single character.
  3. Only call the next site after the previous site is finished. Capitals are allowed to align and call the next site preemptively after the final wave spawns.
  4. If you called a wrong site, correct it immediately before calling a new one. Please report to Coalition Director if you find someone calling out corrections unusually frequently.
  5. Before you start calling sites in a new solar system, declare your ship type first in the ratting channel for each character.
  6. When a player with a higher priority ship starts calling sites, the other players should cease calling new sites of that type immediately. You are still allowed to finish the current site before you switch.
  1. If you leave the site for any reason, the ownership is automatically released. Other players are free to occupy the site from the point on. In case you return and the site is not occupied by others, please finish the site than calling a new one.
  2. Your ownership will be revoked if not attacking rats in a reasonable period of time. [more detail: The first appropriate ship to enter a plex, anomaly, mining/gas site, or other cosmic signature has the right to run it or kill rats only so long as that pilot is present in that appropriate ship. For gas sites, it’s per cloud, not for the whole anomaly. “Appropriate” means that the ship is fitted and reasonable for completing that kind of PvE content. That is, you can’t “reserve” a PvE site by putting some other ship/pilot into it and then coming back later to run it with a different ship or pilot.]
  3. The ownership of sites includes the wreck, loot, and escalations in it. Ask for owner's permission before salvaging the site.
  4. Do not put Mobile Tractor Unit (MTU) in sites not owned by you. The site owner is free to destroy the MTU owned by others after taking full screenshots, including the ratting channel.
  5. The priorities:
    • haven and sanctums: supercarrier > carrier = subcaps = smartbomb = marauder (this means supercarriers have priority, the rest are lower than supercarrier and equal to each other)
    • Other anomalies:First-call-first-serve
  6. Officers, Capital Rats and other Faction Rats
    • Only eligible ratting ships (Cruiser and above) have the right to claim ownership. Frigates and Destroyers are not allowed.
    • Ownership is based on first-come-first-serve basis.
    • If you are out of the 300km range of the NPC, the ownership is automatically released.
  7. Scannable DED sites
    • Trading of sites is not allowed
    • Ownership is based on first-come-first-serve basis. This means that you must occupy the site with a suitable and active ratting ship.
    • If you leave for any reason, the ownership will be revoked automatically.
    • If unsure whether a scannable site is taken, please politely communicate in local or ratting channel to establish ownership.
  • From a stargate anchored Mobile Warp Disruptors (Anchor bubbles) must be centered at least 200 km away from the gate but not more than 500 km. Once you are more than 1000 km away from the gate the anchor bubble rules end. Multiple bubbles can be evenly spaced, but not embedded. Once that has stopped somebody you are encouraged to use a cloaked Dictor / HIC to keep somebody (dictor) bubbled. All distances here are measured from center of bubble and rule would not be intended to cover citadels near the gate. Do not leave bubbles unattended. This rule is effective for all FRT sov systems, and the traffic barebones in sov systems of other Coalition members.
  • The bubble on Obe stargate in P3EN-E system can be deployed next to the gate.
  • Please do not run more than 5 ratting characters in a single system.
  • When disputes happen between different language speakers, you may ask the corporation and alliance directors for communication assistance.
  • The Coalition Directors will take the published rules as the basis for management and reserve the right of final interpretation.
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