How to find Pings and what they mean

  • Go to the WC & Friends Discord. Look in the Ping Factory section. There are fleets announced in:
    Stratop-pings – Cohesive fleet comps for objectives that are strategically important, or critical for home defence. Ex: Structure timers & defence, flashform capital saves
    Skirmish-pings – Cohesive fleet comps for objectives that aren't strategically important or critical for home defence. May also include handout fleets.
    Social-pings – Ad-hoc roaming comps, or social events.
  • The ping will include the Type of fleet, FC, Time, Staging location, and Mumble fleet for coms. When you join the fleet, look in the MOTD for the doctrine and other details.

Types of Fleets

  • Home Defense Fleets [HD] – These fleets are called when we need to expel enemies from our space or have to save larger assets, i.e, capitals and supers – Attendance is suggested, however not mandatory
  • Roaming Fleets [ROAM] – These fleets are taken out by Fleet Commanders casually, just to get some PvP action going – Completely optional
  • Skirmish Operations [SKIRM] – These operations have an objective to be completed – Attend if you can, however not mandatory
  • Strategic Operations [STRATOP] – These operations are for objectives at a Coalition/Alliance level – These are to be attended if you are online and prepared
  • Call To Arms [CTA] – These operations are of maximum importance to everyone – You must attend these operations. “Say goodbye to your family, partner and your pet: this is it, you have to be there, 100%.”
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