• This rule is effective for solar systems in Fraternity playspace in Vale, Tribute, and Geminate.
  • This rule is effective for Athanor and Tatara only. You are free to set up reprocessing and reactor services on other structures.
  • All refinery citadels (Athanor and Tatara) must be owned by Fraternity Building Management <FRTBM>, regardless of whether a Standup Reprocessing Facility I or a Standup Reactor is installed or not. Structures that meet one of the following conditions are exempted, but you may not install reprocessing or reactor services on them:
    • Moon drills on R4/R8/R16 moons.
    • Moon drills if the total number of private moons owned by a corporation exceeds 30 in total.
  • Please ask for an Alliance Director to anchor the refinery for you. See also Apply for Extras.
  • Refineries for Moon Mining should follow this rule: Moon Renting

If you need an extra refinery citadel apart from the ones provided by the Coalition, please:

  • Purchase a Refinery Citadel, corresponding Equipment, Rigs, and fuel for an initial cycle.
  • Put these things in the solar system where you want your citadel to be anchored. Ask for an Alliance Director to anchor that for you.
  • Send an in-game mail to the Director containing an ACL for your citadel.
  • The Coalition accepts donations of T2 Large Rigs and will provide citadels and fuels.
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