Fleet Participation

Currently separate for CN and EN

Salvaging and Looting

When in or near a fight, never loot the field unless specifically requested by the FC. In the case of structures, violating this rule can have significant diplomatic consequences for both yourself and your alliance. Do not loot a friendly wreck if the owner is still on the field or in the fleet.

Fleet Participation (FAT) Corp Metrics

Fats per month higher or equal to number of corp characters. This is just the total fleets divided by total characters for the corp. It is not tracked by individual players. 40% of real people in the corp are represented on at least one fleet a month. This is tracked by player, and not tracked by character

NPSI Fleets

Use non-coalition alts, if possible; otherwise, don’t shoot blues and inform the relevant FC at the time why you can’t participate.

Faction Warfare

  • No shooting blues remains in effect for Faction Warfare. For example FRT will not shoot SB-SQ (in coalition) or Horde (alliance blue) no matter what militias they are in. To avoid shooting blues, you can use alts or set your overview carefully. SRP will be owed for AWOXes.
  • On a trial basis, we are allowing your faction standings to be ranked above your blue standings in the lowsec Faction Warfare zones here. This applies only if you are a member of a faction warfare group.

https://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Amarr_VS_Minmatar https://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Caldari_VS_Gallente

  • In those systems you can shoot anyone. And you can be shot by anyone. This trial will be adopted by PANFAM & Winter Coalition.
  • Special reminder: this is LOWSEC ONLY. Pirate insurgency in highsec systems for example are not currently included. Nullsec isn't included either.
  • Regarding militia standing, we RECOMMEND not to shoot your same militia members, despite if the pilots might be negative alliance standing. For example FRT is not advised to shoot a B2/Imp pilot if both are in the caldari militia. However it is a suggestion and thus not binding. Coalition will not pay or ask anyone to pay related losses.
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