FC Guidelines

FC Group Requirements

Requirements: One Month in coalition and a desire to learn and assist in the running of fleets.
How to Join: Apply to the General-FC Group on Auth. Poke @FC-Command - You may be questioned.
FC Group Expectations: A minimum of 5 fleets pinged and FC'd every 2 Months OR A minimum of 10 fleets supported every 2 Months
What does "supported" mean?: Examples: Back-up FC, Logistics Anchor, Bridge titan & Cyno

FC Tiers

  • WinterCo FC
    • Requirements: 1 Month in the coalition
    • Maintanence: 5+ Paps per month (These do NOT need to be your own fleets!) & actively engaging in ⁠general-fc and ⁠pvp
    • Purpose: This group will be focused on home defence, social pings and any niche that they want to explore. Timers will NOT be posted in advance, but support for timers will be requested. This will also be the place to provide supporting roles to strat-ops, such as backup anchor, scouting, target calling, self-probing void bombers/booshers, or anything the FC requires.
  • WinterCo Strategic FC
    • Requirements: 1 Month in T1 FC, have backseated and shown competence in a strategic timers, has scout/cyno alts
    • Maintainence: 5+ Paps per month, good knowledge on all our doctrines, supporting other FCs & actively engaging in Standing Fleet, ⁠general-fc & ⁠pvp
    • Purpose: This group will be based around strategic content and HD with greater numbers. Can also find content for us to get involved in, via personal relations (provided the objective isn't a threat to us diplomatically). This group will receive timers.

Ping format

  • Type: (eg Home Defence)
  • FC:
  • Fleet Time:
  • Forming Location:
  • Doctrine: (this is optional if you want to give this in the MOTD
  • Mumble Comms: WC Fleet 1
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