1. The current central market is 4-HWWF - WinterCo. Central Station (Keepstar). Do not set up a secondary market hub in Vale of the Silent region except for: fuel supply for key structures, market is open to members of owner corp only, approval by allilance management
  2. Broker Fee Rates
    • All markets set up by Fraternity Building Management <FRTBM> will always have a broker fee of 1.0%
    • Markets set up by Holding Corps other than FRTBM may set up a broker fee between 1.0% and 2.5%
    • The tax rate of public markets1) set up by other corporations cannot be lower than 2.5%.
    • In special circumstances, the Coalition reserves the right to adjust the broker fee rate of certain structures as appropriate.
  3. Pricing
    • The market hub uses a free price system. There is no price bar. However, please consider pricing reasonably in the Coalition space.
    • In emergency circumstances, the Coalition reserves the right to set up price bars with prior notice.
  4. When trading in markets operated by ally entities holding a Good Standing or above, please also comply with the following basic market etiquette.
  5. No exporting of moon materials. (These can be sold using the coalition buyback program.) Exception: R32 moon materials can be exported.
  • Do not buy and resell in the same market structure.
  • Do not buy and resell contracts in the same system.

Relisters will be penalized by market access removal for one week.

Items acquired by Market Buy Orders and Want to Buy contracts are exempted from this limit.

  • For Ships, Equipments, Ammos, Drones, Fuels, and other doctrine items, please do not buy in mass quantities, except for valid usages such as creating doctrine contracts or handout ships.
  • Do not relist or export the items you panic bought.

Accessible to members other than the citadel owner.
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