Last update on 6 June l, 2024

Please refer to `Azure Citizen` in-game channel for more details. Please join Discord at For questions, please contact the admin listed in the Azure Citizen channel. Rules subject to change, though we attempt to keep changes at a minimum.

1. General Rental Rules and Benefits (these apply to renting corps and renting alliances)

  • 1.1. Winter Coalition will form fleets to protect FRT sov (ihubs, TCUs, sov hubs)
  • 1.2. Renter exclusive rights in your system include asteroid belts, anomalies and signatures. This includes data and relic sites. It does not include moons which are rented separately. (Note: This is not applicable if you are called upon to help raise ADMs in specific systems with low ADMs or during war time.)
  • 1.3 The gas clouds and chemical lab sites in the constellation 09-4XW are available to all renters and to Fraternity. (Chemical lab sites that are not in a gas cloud constellation are not shared.) No other PVE activities are allowed in 09-4XW.
  • 1.4 ESS reserve is available to the system owner and to FRT. This means that FRT can access with a key. And also the renter can access with a key. You are not allowed to take from an ESS reserve bank if somebody else with rights to it has already opened it with a key.
  • 1.5. Escalations are allowed anywhere. If you are staying in another renter system for an escalation or other allowed reason, please explain what you are doing in local to the current occupants.
  • 1.6. Alliance provides a Discord server ( for intel pings, trading and basic communication. Trading in-game channel is `Azure Trade`.
  • 1.7. If your structure is attacked, report in intel and in Discord. Include location, owner, type of structure, and any timers. (in Discord, send to @military).
  • 1.8 In-game channels:
    • Azure Citizen (public)
    • Wc.north (intel)
    • Azure Trade (English and Chinese)
    • WC ACL (Winter 体系 and WC JF, WCGunners)
  • 1.9 Shooting blues is not allowed. Raise issues to your rental admin. For an AWOX (blue on blue kill) by your corp or alliance that has reasonable proof, the value lost must be paid by the awoxer, renting corp or renting alliance. If you do not pay, you are subject to removal from the rental program.
  • 1.10 Racism, abuse, and IRL politics are not tolerated. This hurts the renter program, Fraternity reputation, and your own players. Abusive and racist language, or other bad activity that hurts Fraternitys reputation are kickable offenses.
  • 1.11 See “Regional Traffic Control, section 11, for important information about travel and play in systems other than your own.

2. Systems

  • 2.1. The list of systems available to rent is in the MOTD of Azure Citizen channel.
  • 2.2. In addition to your rented systems, there are 5 systems set aside for you to use for ice and belt mining, exploring, and ratting.
    These 5 systems are also available to other renters. Currently, the additional systems available to you are BKG-Q2, PKG4-7, XW-2XP, AH-B84 (in Branch) and NV-3KA (in Tenal). When playing in these systems, use common sense and be polite to others playing there. Do not cherry pick. Clear belts and anomolies so they can spawn.

3. Rent Payment

  • 3.1. Rent is due on the 3rd day of the month. After the first offense, there may be an additional charge to you for administrative costs. At the 15th day you may be removed from the rental program depending on circumstances.
  • 3.2. Receiving corp for rental payment is Azure Citizen Holding (no Period at the end). Pay as a Corporate Account Withdrawal and put your system names in the description.
  • 3.3. Full payment must be made.
  • 3.4 Sub-renting is not allowed unless the agreement is approved by a rental admin and the sub-renter CEO registers on WinterCo SEAT. Any sub-renting agreement must be in writing and is the responsibility of the renter of the system to enforce. Any sub-renter who stops renting must be reported to your admin contact immediately. Limit of one sub-renter per renting corp.

4. Renter Corp Requirements

  • 4.1 Corps must join Azure Citizen alliance.
  • 4.2. Corp CEOs must register to Winter Coalition SEAT. See your admin for the link to use to register.
  • 4.3. Corps need to have at least 10 characters.
  • 4.4. Fraternity corps please consult your rental admin.
  • 4.5 Alliance blacklist is in the alliance MOTD. Please check this list for any new recruit. RMT/BOT corps will be banned and reported to CCP.

5. System activity defense multiplier

  • 5.1. Use your rental systems to keep the ADMs up. Normally, the military and industry indexes need to be over 3 combined. If you fail in this, we might have to remove you, or bring in Winter Coalition players to raise the ADMs. In times of hostilities or war, we need to raise ADMs higher than 4 for defense reasons, sometimes to 4.5 or higher. If this occurs, we will notify CEOs in Discord of the new requirement. Official military operations acting in renter space must be respected (this includes Caladrius, Fraternity, and other Winter Coalition military.

6. Structures

  • 6.1. Renter corps may own structures in their systems. Structures are purchased by the renter.
    • Pos – renter can anchor. Small POSs discouraged and deployed at your own risk
    • Astrahus, Raitaru – FRT will anchor and transfer to you. Large structures are preferred for defense reasons.
    • Tatara, Athanor – FRT will anchor and transfer to you. If on a moon, moon rent must be paid.
    • Azbel, Fortizar– FRTwill anchor, and then transfer to you.
    • Sotiyo (with permission) – FRT will anchor and transfer to you. Deposit of 5B must be paid, returned when you unanchor the Sotiyo.
    • No Keepstars
  • 6.2 Apply Winter 体系 ACL to your structures. You will find ACLs in the ingame channel called WC ACL. Add at least these ACLs: docking: Winter 体系 and WC JF and control: WCGunners (this is for defense of your structure)
  • 6.3 Structures should be fit appropriately for defense. Fits should include antisub launcher and appropriate ammo. More is OK to add of course.
  • 6.4 Vulnerability timer must be set to 13:00
  • 6.5 Minimum public service taxes is 2% , and reaction tax is 10%. There are no rules for clone and office charge.
  • 6.6 No market service is allowed in renter structures.
  • 6.7 Poco tax is 0.2% to any neutral standing entity. If you do not properly set your pocos, we will either buy them at 80m or destroy them.
  • 6.8 To have your structure installed, see section 9 of this document.

7. Hostile and Friendly Structure Defense

  • 7.1. Once confirmed, we will remove hostile or spy structures. To report a hostile structure, send to @military and include location, type of structure, owner, and final timer if applicable).
  • 7.2 Fraternity (or their assigned Winter Coalition delegate) will shoot down abandoned structures, so you will need to keep your structures fueled and running. A low-power structure is vulnerable to anybody shooting it down and it is your responsibility as the owner of the structure to keep it at high power or risk the loss.
  • 7.3 For defense help for your structures, report final timer in Azure Discord (send to @military and include location, type of structure, owner, and timer). Vulnerability timer must be set correctly and defense modules installed on the structure.

8. Ihub Upgrades

  • 8.1. Fraternity will provide sov hubs.
  • 8.2. Pirate Detection ihub upgrades I, II, and III are provided free. All others must be either provided or purchased by the renter.
  • 8.3 If you want a strategic update in your system the ihub upkeep is: Cyno beacon 200m/month; Cyno jammer 950m/month; Supercap construction 1.3B/month. Advanced Logistics Navigation 650M/month (1.3B for pair).
  • 8.4. You may contact an admin to switch off your strategic upgrades and stop paying for the next month.

9. Having structures or ihub upgrades installed

  • Make sure your CEO is registered on SEAT. This is a requirement. Check with your rental manager if you need to register.
  • Make sure your corp is set to accept structure transfers.
  • Make sure that Fraternity and Azure have docking access to the structures where you have the items you want installed.
  • Move the structure or upgrade into the system where it will be installed (or as close as possible) and make a contract to Green Light Logistics.
  • For structures, you must include structure, core, 6 days of fuel, and at least one service module.
  • You must also include a ship that the structure or upgrade will fit in. Depending on size it should be a transport ship (nereus, sigil or Iteron), DST, freighter, or jump freighter. The ship will be returned to you.
  • If you have a bookmark location you want us to use, create a shared bookmark folder, named starting with your corp name. Give access to Green Light Logistics.
  • In the contract description put “renter install” and any instructions for location, bookmarks, etc. Make the contract for 1 week.
  • If you have too much information to fit in the description, send an email message to all three: Arrowspeeed Bounty, Major Stonewall, and Witchy Witchcraft with the instructions. Please translate description to English. Include “see separate mail” in contract description.
  • We will transfer the structure to you after it is anchored.
  • Price per contract:
    • 70M (up to 3 medium structures or any number of upgrades in a single system)
    • 100M (up to 2 medium structures and 1 large structure in single system)
    • 150M (1 extra large structure)
    • Include this payment in your contract

10. Moon Rental

  • 10.1. For moon availability and pricing, contact the admin listed in the Azure Citizen channel for access to the moon list.
  • 10.2 Corps and alliances may use up to 2 available R16 moons for free, but you must contact your rental admin to reserve these.
  • 10.3 A corp or alliance is limited to 2 R64 moons
  • 10.4 Moon rental period of 3 months. Send payment to Azure Citizen Holding. Send as a separate payment (do not combine with system payment). Monthly payment is in the "RENTAL fee/month" column of the moon list.
  • 10.5 Please read the rental rules on the moon pricing document for additional details about moon rentals.

11. Regional Traffic Control

  • 11.1. Outside of your own system, keep your travel at minimum. NO ratting, belt mining, exploring, or other game-play, in any other renter systems or in systems of Winter Coalition and its allies. You may travel through these systems, complete escalations, or mine a moon you have rented. Scanning for wormholes is OK only if the owner of the system agrees. Always check in local if occupied and politely leave if asked.
  • 11.2 Event rules will vary by the event. Some will be restricted to your rented system, others will allow use of other systems to complete event sites.
  • 11.3. Coalition intel channel is `wc.north`. You are responsible for reporting hostiles and neutrals in the channel.
  • 11.4. Azure police will try their best to help with neutral presence, but we can not realistically help you with a cloaky camper. Pilots who are members of Caladrius Alliance provide military defense in the area and should not be bothered in local.
  • 11.5. Renters may anchor bubbles within their systems. Please be respectful to others including your moon/system rental neighbors. If on a travel route, have a player in the system to take the bubbles down for friendlies. Military operations will always have the right to shoot down bubbles. Caladrius has the right to put up bubbles when mining their moons. Do not shoot Caladrius bubbles.
  • 11.6 If you have bubbles up, you must have 2 characters in the Azure Citizen discord. If requested in the Bubble Removal Request channel to remove the bubble, you must remove it as soon as possible and report that in the channel.
  • 11.7. Winter Coalition and its allies may occasionally travel through Branch but will not rat, mine , or explore in your system. They may scan for wormholes for military reasons. If there is a problem please contact your rental admin. Do not PVE (including events) or steal ESS from any ally (blue) space or war time ally space. Do not play or linger in Pandemic Horde renter space (Cobalt Edge, Oasa, GLD4U sov in Perrigan Falls) or Northern Coalition renter space (The Spire, Malpas, Cache).
  • 11.8 No ratting or other PVE (except completing escalations) allowed in Vale, Tribute, Geminate (unless you rent a system there), Pure Blind, Deklein or other Fraternity or blue space.
  • 11.9 A note on Pandemic Horde and Northern Coalition. Winter Coalition/Fraternity has a NIP with PH and NC. Do not to shoot each other's structures. It is also against the NIP to put structures into each other's sov or shoot PH or NC. structure.
  • 11.10 Pandemic Horde has 2 corps, Pandemic Horde Inc. and Arctic Beans, that are not ESI security checked. So we have reset those 2 corps – and set all the other Pandemic Horde corps blue. This is so they don't kill our expensive ships. If you see a Pandemic Horde, Inc or Arctic Beams player, do not shoot them. You can defend. DO NOT PLAY or HUNT in Pandemic Horde space – This includes Perrigan Falls, Kalevala and other space that is REKTD sov.

12. In-game channels

  • Azure Citizen (public)
  • wc.north (intel)
  • Azure trade (trade channel)
  • WC ACL (for structures: Please set alliance ACLs: Winter, WC JF

13. Courier and Buyback Services

Alliance Rental Rules and Benefits

These apply to renting alliances only

  • 1. Price = 2B per month plus rental fees for your systems.
  • 2. The alliance must rent at least 3 systems and must be approved by Arrowspeeed as a renting alliance. Only established alliances with a good history are allowed to rent as an alliance.
  • 3. You will have standings between your alliance and WinCo members. WinCo allies are not required to blue you or to add you to their ACLs. Separate arrangements can possibly be made for this at the agreement of the WinterCo ally.
  • 4. Standings Point of Contact is required.
  • 5. WinCo SEAT registration is required for CEOs.
  • 6. Because we don't set standings between renting alliances and winco allies, you might have mis-aiigned docking rights to standings. So please set your docking rights for your structures to include only those WinterCo alliances that you have blue standings with. See your rental manager for list.
  • 7. An important note about standings and AWOX. Please remember that Azure Citizen (FRT’s rental alliance) is blue to WinterCo members and allies – but that renting alliances are blue only to WinterCo members. This means that if a renting alliance is fighting alongside Azure renters, you could be in a situation where you are fighting a group that is blue to some of you and neutral to others. Please be on the watch for this, particularly if you are roaming or fighting outside of your renter space.
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