SRP (Ship Replacement Program) is a project that helps pilots to mitigate the loss of ships due to participating in the alliance fleet. The SRP officers review the kill report you submit, and after passing it, the alliance account will pay you a certain amount of ISK to help you return to the battlefield as soon as possible. SRP requirements can also ensure that members use the correct ship configuration to improve the quality and combat effectiveness of the fleet.

How to Apply

  • If you lose a ship during a fleet, an SRP link will be provided near the end of the fleet or in a ping after the fleet. There will be a link to click on and you will be asked for the killboard link, and notes about the fleet. This is the place to record any fit changes requested by the FC or special considerations you want noted.

SRP Policies

  • SRP totals vary by ship type and is generally reduced by the insurance you would be expected to receive (platinum insurance assumed). DPS ship payments (before any penalties) are usually fairly close but under the actual value of the ship and modules. Implants are covered IF they are required for a particular doctrine and ship.
  • If you are flying logi, HICs or Svipuls in a suitable fleet, then you are eligible for 120% SRP. This is subject to change, depending on ship types that we'd like to encourage people to use more.
  • SRP penalties for bad fittings: The following penalties are cumulative; meaning if you tick all three boxes, you will not get SRP:
    • 25% penalty - T1 weapons where the hull calls for T2 weapons;
    • 25% penalty - Incorrect refit, when asked to change by FC. Always check MOTD for any fit changes!
    • 50% penalty - non-doctrine modules fit;
  • "Wrong ship for the comp = no SRP" will also remain in effect.
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