Constitution: Be friendly and honest. Never harm others for your benefit.

The sidebar lists the rules in effect. These rules apply to Fraternity space in sov null areas. Fraternity does not enforce these rules outside of sov null Fraternity space, other than the rule not to AWOX.

  • There are only two chances should you violate these rules. There will be punishments of docking bans, fines, or kicking for repeated violations.
  • Special issues, problems, penalties, or complaints that are not covered in the rules may be addressed with a full discussion by leaders. The discussion should be recorded for future reference and any loopholes within the rule document are expected to be amended in time.
  • When disputes happen between different language speakers, you may ask the corporation and alliance directors for communication assistance.
  • If you see a rule violation, follow the chain of command: Corporation Director → Alliance Executor → Coalition Diplo. If you are unable to reach your Corporation Director, contact Alliance Executors directly and let them know.
  • Evidence is required, including full screenshot, combat log, chat log and other things specific to the rule.
  • CEO/Exec/Diplos must try to resolve internally or by agreement with leadership of offending player first. If agreement can't be reached, take to the next level.
  • Do not take matters into your own hands to shoot blues. Talk to a diplo. Diplo incidents will be decided on a case by case basis. Answer will be communicated to the person with the complaint and to the offending player.
  • A repeated violation of a rule is not recognized until a warning is clearly issued for the first violation. This warning should be given at the time of the violation if possible AND to the dipo team by using the repeat offenders spreadsheet located in the repeat offenders Discord channel.

Do not shoot blues unless:

  • Need to take reasonable measures to defend yourself when you're being attacked and can't escape.
  • Instructed by an FC during a fleet.
  • In rare cases, an accidental shooting might be claimed (such as when using a Vorton Projector or smart bomb), in which case a diplo must be consulted.
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