ESS Rules

  1. Do not access the ESS Main Bank under any circumstances.
  2. If any member in the Coalition takes your Main Bank share, please report to the Coalition Director immediately.
  1. The ESS Reserve Bank belongs to the TCU owner of the system.
  2. (Updated Sept 1, 2023): Fraternity members are NOT ALLOWED to access the reserve bank in Fraternity sov (TCU) space in Vale, Tribute, Geminate, or Pure Blind.
  3. ESS Reserve Bank in Azure Citizen and FRT sov systems in Branch and Tenal are allowed (renters are also allowed).
  4. Encrypted bonds extracted during a link that is legally accessed by a player are owned by the player who provides the key, and the player has the exclusive right to dictate how to distribute these bonds.
  5. If you received any payout from the Reserve Bank of other member alliances in any circumstances, you must return them to the corresponding alliance directors. Your expenses on keys will not be reimbursed..
  • Last modified: 2024/04/18 20:31
  • by Arrowspeeed_Bounty