Moon Renting

For Fraternity moons, SUBJECT to CHANGE after Equinox

Bid Process: R32 and R64 Moons

  • Rental Period is 4 months for R32/R64 moons
  • Rental Periods as follows: JAN-01 to APR-30 MAY-01 to AUG-31 SEP-01 to DEC-31
  • R32/64 moons are separate by EN and CN moons.
  • R32/64 use competitive bidding process.
  • R32 minimum bid is 10% and R64 minimum bid is 20%
  • Bidding will occur over 5 days. Monday to Friday of the week before end of current contract period.
  • Once bidding period is announced, put your moon request and bid in the Moon Bidding discord channel. It will be recorded on the BID sheet.
  • One bid allowed per moon per corp each day. Highest bid at the end of each day will be shown.
  • Winner is highest bid at the end of the bidding period. Announced on last bid after eve downtime.
  • If you win the bid, you will receive a contract for the amount agreed which you need to accept.
  • You will need to provide a list of operators that you wish to have added.
  • The structure on the moon remains the property of Fraternity. Your nominated operators will be given Drill and Fueling rights to the moon.
  • New sniping rule is that ( IF you have not bid on a moon by day 4 of the bidding cycle you will not be able to bid on that moon on the final day)

Request Process: R16 Moons

  • Rental Period is 6 months for R16 moons. Bidding begins about 1 month before the beginning of the rental period.
  • Rental Periods are: February 1 thrugh July 30; August through Jan 30
  • Obtain a moon by submitting an application. Rent for R16 moons is calculated using the formulas given below.
  • Once you bid on and win a moon, you are committed to rent that moon.
  • R16 are requested based on availability (It will be easier if you request a moon that is not already in use, since there are many available).
  • R16 moon rent (for 6 months rental period) is listed in the "minimum rent per period" tab
  • EN put your moon request in the Moon Bidding discord channel. It will be recorded on the sheet. CN bid for the moons separately.
  • R16 moons are owned by the renting corp
  • Results are announced and posted and recorded. The sheet will show the new owners (Outgoing renter is listed on the sheet.)

Additional Rules

  • R16 athanors are owned by the renting corp unless it has a reprocessing or reaction service.
  • All reprocessing and reaction services are managed by Fraternity.
  • Structures must be kept fueled and operational. If not, moon will be lost with no refund after 2 warnings (offline) or 30 days (non-operational). Discord FRT-CEO and corp and alliance leaders channels can be pinged for remaining fuel.
  • No sub-leasing of moons
  • If a structure reachs 3 days fuel left a notice is sent to Corp/Discord. If a structure reachs 1day fuel left a warning is given.
  • PLAN AHEAD so that you end all your moon pulls by the end of the period. If the asteroids are fired (fly into space) during your rental period, you have rights to mine those materials even if the mining is done at the first part of the next month.
  • When transferring a refinery, include SEVEN (7) days of fuel before transferring the structure to the next corp. Always communicate immediately to the receiving corp after the transfer.
  • When you acquire a moon, change the refiery name to show your ticker: example: H-W9TY - EN-PRIVATE 11-9 - ELTC Set vulnerability timer to 13:00
  • If you do not keep your structure fueled or let it become abandoned, you may lose rights to bid on the next round of moons.
  • Rigs that you choose to put on a moon structure will not be reimbursed or paid for by Fraternity.
  • Moon profile should not be change until the END OF the rental period.

If your athanor has reprocessing on it:

  • Anchor the structure
  • Transfer the structure to Fraternity Building Management.
  • Provide a list of gunners. The gunners will be able to fuel the structure and manage the moon fractures.
  • When you take the structure down, we will transfer it back to you.
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