Mining Rules in Spanish (Google Doc by Caramon) Mining Rules in Russian (Google Doc by Inos Anzomi)

  1. It is mandatory to register your Rorqual characters with WC Seat ESI Winter Coalition SeAT. Do not use Rorqual Alts that cannot be registered. 1)
  2. Rorquals need to meet these requirements. Rorquals cannot be saved unless these requirements are followed.
    1. Follow the basic fitting requirements, equip PANIC and have PANIC skills.
    2. Always have a cloaked cyno character distanced at exactly 130 km of the capitals.
    3. Join the voice channel before you start.
    4. Be ready to post in #help-my-rorq-tackled with necessary info (Location, DScan, character name of Rorquals and Cynos, and PANIC duration etc.).
    5. Properly activate PANIC and stop the Industrial module in time.
    6. Rorquals cannot be saved unless these requirements are followed.
  3. Rorquals should PANIC early if there are subcap miners present.
  1. The rule is effective for all types of mining ships and mining activities in Gas sites, Ice sites, and Colossal / Enormous Ore sites.
  2. Always discover and finish the half-done sites (including scattered ores or small quantities) in the local system first before starting a new regulated site2). This includes partially finished sites that are there when you enter the system.
  3. You are not allowed to switch to any sites3) before finishing the current (regulated4)) ones, except for the cases where all asteroids are occupied by others.
  4. Do not switch to other asteroids before finishing the current one you are on. Do not mine asteroids already being mined by another ship unless given permission.
  5. Multiboxers running more than 1 Rorqual must bring their own subcap miners for mining Mercoxit and scattered ores. You may not leave a site with scattered ores in space.
  6. Each subcap may not mine different asteroids simultaneously. There should be at least three subcaps for each rock before going to the next.
    1. Please communicate in a friendly and polite way first when conflict occurs.
  7. Do not leave Cargo Containers, Mobile Tractor Units (MTU), or Mobile Depots deployed after the site is completed. You are free to shoot them if nobody claims them.
  1. High-value ores (e.g. Mercoxit, subject to change) may only be mined when other ores are finished or occupied. Others follow a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. It is strictly forbidden for any mining ships to leave for other sites with scattered ores or Mercoxit remaining. Severe punishment will incur once found.
  3. Illegal excavation of Mercoxit (for any reason) will be punished immediately, including but not limited to denying docking rights, banned from market services and killing on sight, etc.
  4. Except when all ores in the Colossal and Enormous sites are occupied, it is forbidden to start mining these sites at the same time in the same system.
  1. Do not mine multiple ice belts unless previous belt is fully occupied. Please concentrate on one belt before starting another.
  2. Always mine the ice asteroids from both sides to the middle.
  3. When reporting violations, also take a tactical view screenshot covering the whole ice belt from the upside.

These rules are applied to gas site constellations in the sovereignty space of the Coalition.

  1. Gas sites can be shared, but a gas cloud is dedicated to the player who starts first unless the player leaves the grid.
  2. Do not harvest the gas that others are mining.
  3. PvE exception: Vale of the Silent E-8CSQ constellation sites are a shared Winter Coalition resource. They therefore may also be mined by pilots from Winter Coalition main member alliances and the blue Corelum Syndicate <CSE> alliance. In E-8CSQ systems, both gas clouds and chemical lab sites are available to be mined by Winter Coalition and Corelum Syndicate. Chemical lab sites that are not in E-8CSQ are not available to be mined except by permission of the sov holder.
  • Moons are owned and managed separately by alliance.
  • CN and EN R32/R64 moons are owned and managed separately. CN and EN public moon mining rules may differ.
  • Moon rental rules are recorded in Fraternity CEO channel (pinned)
  • Reprocessing and reaction services are managed by Fraternity

Public Moon Mining Rules

  • Contact your corporation directors should you encounter any violations. When reporting, make sure to take a full screenshot including system name, belts, survey scanning results, Overview, and the asteroid in question.
  • When disputes happen between different language speakers, you may ask the corporation and alliance directors for communication assistance.
  • The Coalition Directors will take the published rules as the basis for management and reserve the right of final interpretation.

2) , 4)
including Gas sites, Ice sites, and Colossal / Enormous Ore sites
including Small / Medium / Large sites
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