Policies for Corp Admissions

  • Corps joining Winter Coalition alliances are subject to the policies and procedures of the alliance. It is expected that good admission practices are used, including checking the Blacklist, security checks, and informing new corps about coalition fleeting requirements and other rules and policies. Make sure all new recruits register on all tools and main plus all alts on seat.
  • Check ESI using the seat recruitment manager: https://seat.winterco.space/tools/recruitment
  • Fraternity Admissions document for new CEOs:


Policies for Fraternity University Admissions

  • FRT-U is an alliance largely for alt corps of FRT corporations (one advantage being that FRT-U cannot be war-decked). If an FRT corp wants an alt group to join FRT-U, they must agree that those characters will not PVE in FRT space (except their own moons and PI with their mains, and the markets) and to have all the characters registered on Seat. Corps who want to join FRT-U should contact Ryan Wu or Cocogoat on Discord.
  • For newer pilots or corps (can be outside of Fraternity) who would like to learn to play in null sec, they should contact XBloodseekerX ingame (discord name “Eddy:)” ) or send a Discord friend request to Ryan Wu (Discord name wojiaoruntu). They should request to join the Fraternity Academy corp.
  • Do not recruit players from Fraternity Academy without first contacting Eddy:)/David De Papel.
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