Access Lists

Access Lists are what we use to determine who has access to our structures, they should be applied correctly though, as to help best service the general populace.

Generally speaking, all structures will have to allow at least docking and gunning access using the Coalition Access Lists. , unless otherwise agreed upon with leadership.

The ACL channel in game is WC ACL To use the channel, copy and paste the channel name into the “Channels” window, hit join and then you will be able to see the ACLs.

  • 非 Winter 體系友軍 – This ACL is used for general docking rights, has to apply to all structures
  • Defense – This ACL is used to apply our Coalition gunner list to your structure, this must be applied.
  • Other ACLs – There are a few other ACLs that may apply during emergency occasions or important timers/operations, these aren’t listed in the ACL channel, but you will be informed if it needs to be applied.

ACLs are fairly easy to apply, follow the following: You open the relevant area on your structure profile and drop the link on the main part of the window with the drop-down list of ACLs applied and the plus button. The header above the listed ACLs should highlight when you can drop the link. When the ACL appears in the list, you configure pricing (if relevant).

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