Shipping Services (AKA How To Get Stuff From Jita)

The following services are private and run by coalition members. Each entry documents the service’s general information, pricing, point of contact, and how they function. If there’s a dedicated wiki page, the entry will contain a link to that.

  • Run by Blades of Grass alliance.
  • Servicing Jita; OP7-BF (Perrigen Falls); RF-X7V (Oasa); 4-HWWF, H-5GUI, VORM-W, and FH-TTC (Vale); and usually coalition deployment staging.
  • No minimum package size. With or without collateral. Bulk rate available on some routes.
  • Run by Random Violence alliance.
  • Yutu Mover (CN wiki page).
  • See Yutu Mover channel MotD in game.
  • Servicing Jita; RF-X7V (Oasa); and other points.
  • Collateral. Bulk rate available on some routes.

Other Services

  • Limited routes: OP7-BF (Perrigen Falls) and FH-TTC (Vale of the Silent) to/from Jita;
  • You're paying for an entire JF here and collateral. Expensive but reliable.
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