Winter Coalition Member and Allied Alliances

Winter Coalition (WC or WinterCo) is a collection of member alliances but it also refers in the broader sense to our member alliances and some allied groups, some who work closely with us on a day-by-by basis and others who live in our space but are more distant. This article focuses on the WinterCo main member alliances and the closely allied groups you’ll also find on our services and in our fleets.

Within WinterCo proper, we have two distinct sides: the primarily Chinese-speaking side (WC-CN) and the primarily English-speaking group (WC-EN) that encompasses everybody else. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re part of WC-EN. In the sections below, affiliation with WC-EN or WC-CN will be indicated.

These are full member or probationary (trial) member alliances who formally make up WinterCo:

Name Ticker Attribution
Fraternity. FRT WC-EN and WC-CN
Blades of Grass 2GTHR WC-EN
Caladrius Alliance -000- WC-EN
East Wind. D.F WC-CN
No Visual. NO WC-EN
Random Violence. -RV- WC-EN
Siberian Squads SB-SQ WC-EN
Test Alliance Please Ignore TEST WC-EN

These are alliances associated with other WinterCo alliances:

Name Ticker Attribution Associated With
All My Friends Are Ded DED WC-EN Test Alliance Please Ignore
Demonic Wheat Pineapple SPRKY WC-EN Blades of Grass
Fraternity. University FRT-U WC-CN/EN Fraternity.
Just Let It Happen FUM8 WC-EN Caladrius Alliance
No Concern GONE WC-EN No Visual.
My sweet sweat under chest and Samgyeopsal MYSW WC-CN Fraternity.
Sylvanas Super Mercenary SSM WC-CN Fraternity.

These are the main renter organizations affiliated with WinterCo.

Name Ticker Regions Associated With
Azure Citizen AZURE Branch/Tenal/Geminate Fraternity.
CYNO.UP .CYNO Vale/Tribute Random Violence.
Dark Squirrel Syndicate D-S-S Branch Azure Citizen/Fraternity.
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