Introduction The following rules and statements are to reinforce what has already been stated and for future documentation and reference. These rules do apply to all alliances, however, will also apply to all new joining alliances.

Alliances Joining Winter Coalition Membership and Command Requirements Clear line of command – Alliance leadership need to have clear alliance contacts within the executor team, this will usually include one Executive, one Director and one Diplomat – This can also include a military head contact

Membership – 75 active bodies (members) at the least

FATs – To keep your good standings and not dip into a harsher tax band your Corporations and Alliances must maintain a FAT ratio of 1 FAT for Every Pilot Optimal would be far more, however, this is our MINIMUM

Comms – English Mumble is mandatory. Chinese mumble is not, however it is suggested to try and have it, just in case

Chain Of Command – All Alliances are to respect the chain of command from day one

Services, Auth and Systems English Auth – All members are required to Auth on the EN Auth: Auth Site

Chinese Auth (SeAT) – All members are required to Auth on the CN SeAT: SeAT Site

Member Registration Requirement – We require at a minimum, 80% pilots signed onto both Auth and SeAT, optimally we want 90 - 95%

Trial Period Standings – During the trial period, the alliance will be set to +5

Length – The trial period will last 3 months, this is to make sure you are a good fit within Winter Coalition

Taxes, Sovereignty and Other Payments PvE Taxes

2.5% – Alliances who are hitting all performance indicators (FATs, Growth, etc) 5% – New alliances on probation or alliances that are slipping in activity and performance 7.5% – Alliances not meeting any expectation, may be due to inactivity or other reasons, may also be used if the said alliances has caused issues that require reprimands Sovereignty Bills – Alliances are to pay 1,100,000,000 ISK (1.1BN) per system with Territorial Claim Unit per month too offset Infrastructure Hub costs

This was agreed upon as a flat rate due to some Infrastructure Hubs having different upgrades and upkeep.

Structure Deployment Medium Structures – These can be place from the get-go without much input, as long as they aren’t spammed throughout space.

Large Structures – These structures, whilst convenient, generally require atleast some forewarning to the Coalition Leadership/Military Leadership Team, so we may provide support for its deployment.

XL Structures – These Structures will need to be discussed with Coalition Leadership so we can plan and provide support for their deployment, as well as this, too make sure there may be not interference with current plans.

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