How To Successfully Apply for WC-EN Auth Groups

Auth Groups help Winter Coalition organizing their members into specialized groups and dedicated channels (e.g. on Discord). There are groups anyone can join like “SIG Other Games” or channels for real-life events (e.g. EVE Vegas). The majority of groups a member can apply for are restricted groups.

Members can access available groups via the Winter Coalition Auth (WC-EN Auth) website. If you are properly registered on WC-EN Auth, just click on “Groups” in the menu. Usually groups state the requirements to join in their description. If you are unsure what stated requirements involve, ask your CEO to clarify! If you happen to be a CEO and do not know that either, contact an Alliance Exec!

Note: Most coalition groups have a requirement of being in the coalition for at least 30 days prior to applying and are intended for people in groups on the WC-EN side of the coalition. WC-CN/FRT-CN have their own groups and processes.

In order to join a Coalition fleet in a capital ship (or cap) there are certain requirements that need to be met:

  • Registration: Your characters need to be properly registered on all SEAT and Auth platforms. This is necessary for everyone’s security and verification of necessary skills and cap ownership.
  • Skills: As mentioned above, your character needs to meet certain skill requirements. There are skill plans available and your CEO can provide them to you. If you are a CEO and do not have access to these skill plans, contact an Alliance Exec. Skill requirements are not negotiable and will be checked prior to acceptance into the group.
  • Cap Ownership: In order to join a Cap Group you need to own the minimum number of ships required. Usually this is stated in the description of the group. Certain groups require you to own more than one ship. This is true for the “Supercaps” group for example. (In this example you should get into the necessary “Faxes” group before applying for the “Supercaps” group!) Cap ownership and availablitiy of all required fittings will be checked before you get accepted. Make sure it’s in your hangar!
  • Gameplay Knowledge: Before you apply to a Cap Group you should feel comfortable piloting one and multiboxing one (see “5) Alts:”). After training into the required skills, buying and fitting your cap, make sure you understand all the modules properly and spend some time on the Test Server until you feel comfortable piloting it. Ask your CEO for guidance or keep your eyes open for Training Fleets.
  • Alts: In the majority of cases, caps are only called for on alts. This means that you will pretty much never fly a cap in a Coalition Fleet on your main subcap character.
  • For more specifics on capital group joining requirements, see the WC-EN #how-to-join-capital-groups Discord channel. It has links to skill plans and detailed requirement laid out hopefully neatly.

Once all your preparations are completed, contact your CEO and get him to give you his/her preliminary approval. (For CEOs this means that it is your job to make sure that the pilot in question fulfills all the above mentioned requirements to the best of your knowledge.)

The next step is clicking the “Request” button next to the Group you want to apply for. CEOs should now contact an Exec. CEOs need to inform an Exec about the application and vouch for the pilot applying.

If you fail to follow one or more of the above mentioned instructions, expect to be declined. Sometimes you will receive an explaination but this isn’t always the case.

Winter Coalition is ran by a hierarchy that comes with its chain of command. The main groups of relevance here are the following groups: "WC-EN Leadership", “Fraternity CEOs”, “Corporation Leadership”, "Alliance Execs - CN", and “Alliance Execs”.

Made up a mixture of leadership from both the EN and CN sides of the coalition, this group is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the coalition. They're the ones who are likely to answer questions, point people in the right direction, or deal with problems raised by corporation leadership, alliance executives, or line members.

If you are the CEO of a Corporation within Winter Coalition you should apply for this group and you can expect to be accepted once your status is confirmed. It goes without saying that this requires your CEO character to be registered on SEAT and Auth! In addition, Corp CEOs can request that Corp Directors be accepted into this group as well. After being accepted as a CEO, contact an Exec and tell your director(s) to apply as well. Keep the number of directors within reason!

If you are a Fraternity CEO on the EN side of the alliance, please request membership of this group immediately on joining Fraternity. Then, in 30 days, apply to the “Corporation Leadership” group!

If you are considered an alliance executive by the CEO of your alliance's executive corporation, you can apply to this group if they approve and your alliance doesn't already have three people in this group. In order to be accepted, you need to have at least one character in the alliance's executive corporation, be able to set standings for the alliance, and preferably be able to remove corporations. You should be trusted to make decisions on behalf of your alliance if the coalition needs one.

There are currently three FC Groups: T1 (lowest and where people start), T2, and main. T2 should be doing the bread-and-butter of most daily fleets. Main FCs run the majority of CTAs and high-level strat-ops.

This rank is for inexperienced and new FCs. This is usually the first FC group you should apply to. If you want to get accepted into this group you should have a basic idea about FC’ing and inform your CEO about your desire to become an FC. CEOs should then contact Execs and/or Military leadership with a recommendation for the person applying.

Usually you should spend some time as a T1 FC before applying to T2 FC. Military leadership will usually approve your raise in rank when they think that you’re ready for more responsibility like running a Standing Fleet, FCing strategic timers, etc.

Special Groups and some Hidden Groups for IT related groups, logistics or translators are usually handled by the people in charge of these projects and divisions. For most of these groups you need a personal invitation in order to get accepted. If you see a Group in this list you feel you could contribute to, contact your CEO about it and he/she should then inform an Exec or the person in charge of the group.

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