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Category Voice over IP utility with chatrooms
URL https://discord.com/
Status Active
Security Developed and hosted externally

Discord is a VoIP and instant messaging social platform. Users have the ability to communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media and files in private chats or as part of communities called "servers"

This document outlines our Discord channels and their related usage, as well as how they can be used. This will be broken down into general categories.

  • #coalition-pings – This channel is used for anything that is related to the Administrative side of the Coalition, Updates and other general pings that can affect the general members – Used by the Coalition Administration team to inform the members
  • #military-pings – This channel is used by FCs to ping fleets and military related issues – Only to be used to ping fleets and military related emergency pings
  • #help-my-rorq-tackled – This channel can be used by members to ping for help if their Rorqual is tackled in Vale of the Silent, Geminate, or Tribute. See pins!
  • #attack-notifications – This is where the bot lives that tells you what’s being attacked, this can be used to help counter hostile attacks or for content – Only the bot can ping here, all hail our robot overlords.
  • #social-pings - For fun roams, birthday bashes, and other social activities. `Corporation Leadership`, `FRT CEOs` and `FCs` can ping if you can't ping for yourself.
  • #public-aars - After-Action reports for our big fights. If you missed the fleet, you can live through it here vicariously!

  • #frt-alliance-pings – Information specific to Fraternity
  • #frt-military-pings – Used specifically for Fraternity Military - mostly for war targets
  • #frt-mining-pings – FRT public moons & spare ore from rental moons get pinged here
  • #frt-en-home-hub – A general English-speaking alliance channel just for FRT members. It's primarily for FRT-EN, but all FRT members are welcome. (#general below is used more)

  • #general – This channel is used for socializing within the coalition, this channel includes all general membership that are currently signed up on our services.
  • #pvp – This channel is used to discuss PvP within the EvE world with detail, fittings, techniques, upcoming classes or even general PvP advice!
  • #trading – This channel is used for buying, selling or trading items that aren’t being listed on the market, i.e, capital hulls, mass ore sales, mass ore buys, etc.
  • #services - Have a service, like Jita shopping, jump freighting, BPC pack sales, large-scale BTO capital ship shops, buybacks, etc? Advertise here! No more than once a day, please (to be adjusted if that's too spammy).
  • #wc-en-industry-discussion - General industry discussion channel and home of Mindframe's "WinterCo Market Consortium" project.

We currently have four separate language channels, other than the English main #general chat, they are as follows:

  • #deutsch – For German/Deutsch speaking members
  • #español – For Spanish speaking members
  • #français – For French speaking members
  • #русский – For Russian speaking members

These channels are for requesting help from the Winter Coalition I.T. team

  • #helpdesk – For issues with services, I.T. or any other thing that you are unsure where to direct, you can ask here
  • #shipping-helpdesk - Information for the WinterCo Shipping service

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