Major markets within the coalition are generally restricted to specified groups because there's a rule that other markets must charge more tax than official coalition markets and aren't allowed to compete with official markets in terms of scale of offerings.

  • Run by Fraternity. in the 4-HWWF Keepstar.
  • Contact: Doctor-1 Wang.
  • Keepstar is a general market for everything and also has doctrine contracts sometimes. This should be where any coalition or FRT doctrine-related items are listed.
  • Run by 2GTHR in the FH-TTC Keepstar.
  • Contact: Mindframe; Eingang Vulpine;
  • Sotiyo contains a market with materials you need for building. Many are sourced from the 2GTHR buyback. We also import regularly from Jita. PI, minerals, goo, reaction products, etc.

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