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S.F Express

S.F Express 顺丰快递 使用指南

EN Contact : Arrowspeeed Bounty

Shipping Helpdesk : shipping-helpdesk in Discord

1. Courier Private contract to S.F Express (company abbreviation S.F E)

2. The items to be filled in are specified as below:

Reward: Enter the calculated reward found by using the link: https://seat.winterco.space/courier-manager/calculator

Collateral: Collateral should be filled in. The security collateral is the basis for calculating the account of shipping costs and the compensation for accidents. The amount is advanced by the courier who delivers the package. If an accident occurs it is the only source of payment of compensation.

Expiration: 2 weeks

Days to complete: Refer to the pricing table

3. No containers can appear in the express delivery contract! Plastic Wrap can not appear on the express packing boxes! The fine is 70M the first time your contract has a container in it. The fine is 200M if it happens a second time. You may be temporarily banned from using the service if it happens a third time.

1. Go to this link to see the latest pricing: http://seat.winterco.space/courier-manager/rates. The routing calculator will calculate the reward for you according to these prices. https://seat.winterco.space/courier-manager/calculator

2. Collateral charges, if applicable, increases the reward by 1% of the collateral.

3. The minimum reward means the contract reward cannot be below this.

4. If the reward is incorrect, pilots have the right to request additional shipping costs before delivering the contract.

1. To calculate estimated collateral: https://evepraisal.com or https://janice.e-351.com/ You can also use "Est. Price" button on the Select Options page during contract setup.

2. If you have blueprint copies, please remove these from the value calculation. This is because the system will assume they are originals which greatly inflates the price.

1. S.F Express undertakes services between Jita and key logistics destinations, and delivers within the time limit stipulated by S.F pricing list.

2. Please create a courier contract to S.F Express and start and end at an S.F route location.

3. Due to the mode of transportation, the maximum volume of each express contract is listed, beyond which it should be split into multiple contracts. Contracts that exceed the volume limit cannot be shipped.

4. The minimum reward per contract is specified, please enter the reward strictly according to the price list. Contracts with insufficient reward will be refused.

5. SF does not guarantee email explanation for the rejected contract. If it is rejected, please check the details of this guidance, especially the reward calculation, transportation end point and contract setting.

6. If a contract does not include collateral, the loss will not be compensated. The collateral is the compensation for the courier losses.

7. S.F is unable to transport unpackaged containers

8. If the parcel does not arrive at its destination due to not following the rules, the courier administrator or pilot is responsible for contacting the parcel owner and asking him to take back the parcel according to the collateral and re-create the courier contract according to the correct rules.

1. S.F Express recruits personnel who are interested in the alliance transportation industry.

2. The minimum eligibility for recruitment (trial term): Those who have been employed by the Winter Co for more than half a year, have registered on SEAT, have the right to dock in alliance structures, can travel from the Jita to each location with your JF and cyno characters, and has the vouch of CEO or director of your corp.

3. 4-6 cyno pilots, jump fuel conservation V, killboard check (JF pilot), willing to take at least 3 contracts per month, knowledge of safety rules.

4. After the above conditions are completed, please report to Arrowspeeed Bounty for access audit. The applicant can join SF for taking courier contracts after passing the qualification.

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