Buyback Services

The following services are privately run by major groups within the coalition. Each entry documents the service’s general information, pricing, point of contact, and how they function. If there’s a dedicated wiki page, the entry will contain that as well.

  • Run by Blades of Grass alliance.
  • Contact: Eingang Vulpine.
  • Buys:
    • ore;
    • ice;
    • fuel blocks;
    • gas;
    • moon goo;
    • Overseer Personal Effects;
    • P1 to P4 PI products;
    • reaction products;
    • T1 and T2 salvage;
  • Locations:
    • Oasa: RF-X7V;
    • Perrigen Falls: OP7-BF;
    • Vale of the Silent: 4-HWWF; H-5GUI; VORM-W; FH-TTC;
  • Payouts: 90-100% of Jita buy for most things.

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