# PvE Ratting, Mining, & Exploration Policy

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This post/document is to outline the rules and regulations that are to be adhered to by all coalition members so that we may have a fair shot at everything in the systems we live in. Remember, we are a community, this concerns everyone.

[Back To Top](#heading–tableofcontents "Back to top") * <h2 id='heading–ratting'>Ratting</h2> Anomalies in each system are limited by each security band, and as such can only support so many types of each ship. As such, the ruling below is to allow everyone a fair go at ratting, whilst allowing those who run bigger assets (carriers, supers) to also keep up with ticks. <h3 id='heading–rattingrules'>The Rules</h3> - All capital ships take the priority of higher tier sites. (Haven, Sanctum) Subcaps, if there are no supers and carriers get that priority last. - If green for supers to rat or green in general while in the correct time zone range you may get support and you may be eligible for SRP if fit and piloted correctly, See: [Time Zone Requirements](#heading–tzrequirements) - Subcaps will run Forsaken/Forlorn Hubs, however, if the room to move up to Havens is available, they may. - You must join the ratting channels if you are ratting in a system with other ships. - If you are on a site and some lands and you have announced it, they must leave. If you have not claimed it, you can finish the site, but you must announce the next site! - When you are in the Ratting channel, please indicate which site you are in by posting the sites 3 digit code, i.e, the site “Angel Haven DET-074” would be called out as simply “074”. - Sites cannot be ‘Pre-claimed’ or ‘Pre-called’, only call the next site at the end of your current. - You may encounter a fellow coalition members asking to salvage your sites, the Ratter will have final say on whether or not the salvager can salvage their sites. If you are a salvager please ask before you warp to a site still being used. If on grid they may kill you if you do not leave at their request. - ESS UNITS - ESS Units are strictly forbidden under QRFJ-Q and O3-4MN umbrellas. They may be used outside the umbrellas by sub-capital ratters. You MUST ask in system before you drop them and you MUST pick them up once finished. Please do not use capitals outside of the umbrella ranges. [Back To Top](#heading–tableofcontents "Back to top") *

<h2 id='heading–mining'>Mining</h2>

At this current time, mining anomalies have become a large issue within the WinterCo groups. People are cherry picking and leaving rocks that are ‘unwanted’ by the miner. This is to be solved with a simple ruling and a procedure that allows miners to report those not following the rules. This will extend to the entirety of WinterCo.

<h3 id='heading–miningrules'>The Rules</h3>

- There are currently 3 viable belts for Rorqual mining, Enormous, Colossal and Large. These rules affect the larger bels (LRG, ENORM, COL) and the Ice belts.

- The ore belts are to be mined one at a time by all members, from largest to smallest, for example: Rorquals start mining in the largest belt available, all further Rorquals joining, will need to go to that belt until complete, if you are a Rorqual pilot, mine Dark Ochre first. If you are a Rorqual pilot with multiple Rorquals and Barges, you will need to mine Mercoxit with a barge too, either before, during or after you start.

- Barge fleets only are to mine the smaller belts (SM, MED, LRG).

- If greenlight is on while being in the correct time zone designation for Rorquals you may get SRP if piloted and fit properly, See: [Time Zone Requirements](#heading–tzrequirements)

- If you log in and see that there are Rorquals out, ask where they are mining, go here and complete the belt. If each belt is cleared, we will have faster respawns and more mining as well as safety in numbers!

- Please do not leave MTUs (WETUs excepted) or containers in the belt, these provide warp ins for everyone.

<h3 id='heading–iceminingrules'>Ice Mining</h3>

- When you are Ice Mining, you are to mine the belt from either end, not missing rocks or cherry picking the belts. See the image below below:


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* <h2 id='heading–lotus'>Lotus Fleet</h2> Lotus Fleet is a privately run initiative that is available to all coalition members! It allows the coalition to utilize all moons that are under its control, feeds the general populace ships and can make you, the member, money. Lotus fleet is generally active 23/7. The fleet can and will use Rorquals where allowed, however, the majority of mining is done in barges outside of our umbrella. Please read MOTD of fleet for locations and for what is allowed to be used to mine as well as who to sell too, this program does have a buy back system in place, which means you don’t have to haul ore anywhere! For further questions about Lotus Fleet, contact Samm Gengod. [Back To Top](#heading–tableofcontents "Back to top") *

<h2 id='heading–tzrequirements'>Time Zone Requirements</h2>

With the introduction of two major time zone spreads and a staging to support each, it means that there isn’t always apt protection under both stagings, this means you want to be where you can get protection from one staging or the other based on your play time.

<h3 id='heading–important'>Important</h3>

Watch intel and the discord channel #redlight-greenlight. Depending on the time zone cover you must dock up Supers, Rorquals and Titan (ratting) if set red. If tackled during REDLIGHT you will not be saved and will not receive SRP.

- If the coalition is GREENLIGHT and you are tackled in a Capital, Super Capital, Rorqual or Titan, you will need to light a Cyno before an Inhibitor is onlined. Please make sure these are on overview!

- If you do not have a Cyno, you may not be saved.

- If the coalition is Greenlit but you are not in a coalition recommended fitting for your respective ship, you may not receive SRP.

If you are concerned about what a ‘coalition standard’ or recommended fitting may be, please contact your CEO or a Director.

<h3 id='heading–ustz'>16:00 ET – 02:00 ET Players</h3>

O3-4MN Detorid Coverage: ![O3_DETO|642x500](upload:noNlsn9zClGQje7Q2C1MLubCCm7.png) O3-4MN Insmother Coverage: ![O3_INS|640x500](upload:gwZuNbiBw8izoOuWNHs4y3za1qV.png)

<h3 id='heading–cntz'>02:00 ET – 16:00 ET Players</h3>

QRFJ-Q Detorid Coverage: ![QRF_DETO|639x500](upload:5deHt41ObQmx6h0UbzLl7wIxGOS.png) QRFJ-Q Insmother Coverage: ![QRF_INS|641x500](upload:nf9oi81cO9j5djG4s6psmIhI3OW.png)

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* <h2 id='heading–reporting'>Reporting Issues</h2> Members: - If you see someone breaking this very simple ruling, you can contact your CEO or Director. CEO/Director. CEOs and Directors: - If you have been contacted with this issue, please contact the offenders CEO or a Director. - If all of the above fails, please contact Sel-Kuni Aiseti or Samm Gengod with the issues. Please have evidence ready, or the issue will be dismissed. [Back To Top](#heading–tableofcontents "Back to top") *

<h2 id='heading–faq'>Frequently Asked Questions</h2>

- What about systems outside of the umbrella, Insmother and Wicked Creek?

  1. At this stage they are exclusively rented under our renter program, this means we cannot use these systems unless we have permission!
  1. See something suspicious in Wicked Creek? Report to ArrowSpeed, Lybra (in game)/Hila in discord.

- I have a suggestion, where can I submit it?

  1. You can submit this to your CEO or Director, so it can be brought up in the right channels.

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