Are you interested in more responsibilities to help with coalition needs? Winter Coalition has many tasks that are required to keep the coalition running smoothly. You can help! WinCo Job Interest Questionaire
These are some areas where work may be needed. More detailed job descriptions to be added.
Note that many of these jobs are already filled with one or multiple people, so completing the questionaire would add you to our database in case there is an opening later.

  • Buyback programs (both buying and selling)
  • Coalition resources and supplies: This includes procurement of supplies needed by the coaition (for example fuel or deployment ships), determining the locations and balancing of resources, and making sure supplies are delivered to the correct locations and hangers.
  • Diplomat: There are several areas of diplomacy including rule enforcement, standings, issue resolution, etc. This work is time intensive, requiring several hours many days. It can involve interpreting rules, judging evidence of violations, identifying contacts and communicating warnings, and completing the paperwork for the tracking of diplo cases. Standings work includes announcing standings changes, tracking compliance, and keeping standings information up-to-date. A diplo job requires experience working across cultures.
  • Fleet command (including specialized roles such as recon, wormhole hunting, doctrine/fits, timerboard)
  • Industry/building (ships, structures, and other things)
  • Infrastructure: This involves WinCo infructurcture maintainenance including tracking and handling the fueling of jump bridges and structures, procuring and installing structures, and helping renters install structures that they provide. It is expected that several people are handling this work so a single person would not be required to do all of these tasks. But you do need to be able to fly a ship with high cargo capacity such as a freighter or jump freighter and have experience flying safely in null sec. You must be willing to respond quickly to fueling and installation needs.
  • Logistics This job requires shipping/moving coalition JF or freighter loads, taking courier contracts (minimum 3 contracts per month), and extended experience flying safely in all areas of space.
  • Moon management This includes both public and private moons, and managing the tracking of moon rentals, policies of renting and biding. This job requires the ability to work across cultures, negotiation of division of moons between groups, and understanding of game mechanics involved in setting ACLs, and setting up moon configuration, naming, and ownership. Management of public moons requires setting and announcing fracture times. A job in this area does does not reqire you to do all of these things.
  • New pilot recruitment and onboarding: Recruit new pilots for Fraternity Academy, and successfully on-board them into the FRT-U alliance. Provide learning opportunities for them and eventual integration into the coalition.
  • Propaganda (artistic, fun, or edgy posts outside of the coalition)
  • Rental program: Design renting policies and pricing. Actively recruit and track renters and the systems they occupy. Track and record rental payments. Help with issue resolution including diplo issues. Manage infrastructure of rental areas. This is a multi-person job (you don't have to do all of these things), but it does require a considerable amount of time and detail work.
  • Security (spying, spy-catching)
  • SIG management (pochven, burn-churn, other ideas)
  • SRP calculations and payments
  • Staging supply (including 4-H and deployment markets)
  • Tools (management, development, helpdesk, IT)
  • Training classes for newbies or more experienced players. For this job you should have good communication skills, be able to plan and conduct training classes in different areas in which you have expertise, possibly creating new teaching material in coordination with the training team.
  • Translation services (many languages are needed)
  • Wiki updates and management This is a job requiring initiative to keep up with needed rule updates and coordination with CN rules. It requires experience learning and understanding the syntax of the tool, plus interacting with many groups for their inputs and review.
  • WinCo group applications (evaluating/approval of applications to the various groups listed on WinCo auth dashboard)
If You Are Interested

If you are interested in any of these areas, we ask you to complete this short questionaire. We may have a need right away, or we may save your name for when there is a job opening in that area. We may also contact you with additional questions. WinCo Job Interest Questionaire

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