Who’s Who in Winter Coalition Leadership

It takes a village to raise a child – or to run a coalition. This article attempts to outline most of the people and jobs being done across the coalition, with an emphasis on people in Winter Coaliton - EN (WC-EN). Not sure who to talk to or how to get something done? Visit the #helpdesk in Discord and ask.

Exec - <CURE> noraus (AKA <FRT> nextorian and <CURE> Susu Skir);

Head Diplomat - <FRT> Samm Gengod;
Standings - <FRT> Sel-Kuni Aiseti;

Head WC-CN - ?
Special - <FRT> Elo Knight;

Not IT Lead WC-EN - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;
IT Lead WC-CN - <FRT> Garveen Airuta;

WC-EN - <LORDE> Kapacitor Plague;
WC-EN - <LTRIG> Hila Kashada;
WC-CN - <FRT> Anankke Z;
WC-CN - <FRT> Reatha Mirandia;
WC-CN - <FRT> Maria Taylor;

Head WC-EN - <LORDE> Rakkin;
Head WC-CN - <FRT> Garveen Airuta;

Fittings Channels Updates - <LORDE> Rakkin & <2GTHR> Kai Naman;
WC-EN - <2GTHR> Basil Vulpine;
WC-EN - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;
WC-EN - <FRT> Samm Gengod;

DotLAN Jump Bridge Data - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;
FAT Info by Corp for Non-FRT Corps - Your alliance leadership;
FAT Summary by Corp & Alliance - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;
FAT Sheets by Corp Members for FRT - <FRT> Samm Gengod;
Registration Compliance WC-EN - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;
Registration Compliance FRT SeAT for Alliances - <FRT> Greed Islanl;
Shortcut URLs - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;

FC Groups - <FRT> RUSROG;
Special Snowflake Ship Groups -<FRT> RUSROG or <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;
Supercapital, Titan, & FAX Skill Checking - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;

Other Group Approvals

Alliance Execs - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine & <FRT> Aezekiel;
Alliance and Corp Leadership (AKA ‘Alliance Directors’) - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine & Diplomacy Team;
Fraternity CEOs - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine & Diplomacy Team;
Outstanding Approvals List by Alliance - <2GTHR> Eingang Vulpine;

Head - <FRT> Greed Islanl;
Coalition ACLs - <CURE> Rabbit P;
Coalition Moons - <FRT> ?;
Fuelling - <FRT> Greed Islanl;

Lotus Fleet Consortium Project

Head - <FRT> Samm Gengod;
2IC - <2GTHR> Basil Vulpine and Eingang Vulpine;
Member Groups - 2GTHR; FRT; BCROW;
Individual Members - <2GTHR> Breatas; <FRT> Gregori Isamov; <LORDE> Kyleen Dar’ku; <VINDI> Rhoshi Kyanmar;

Market Management & Inspection

O3-4MN - <2GTHR> Mindframe;
QRFJ-Q & Others - <FRT> Lunatic Redmoon;

Renter Management

Head WC-EN - <FRT> Arrowspeed Bounty;
Head WC-CN - <CURE> noraus;


Head WC-EN - <FRT> Mega Syte (paid in game by Stone Atom);
Minion WC-EN: <VINDI> Lexo Mexo
Head WC-CN - <FRT> Transport Guan;


Head - <FRT> Greed Islanl;

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