Fleet Op Types

The following page explains what fleets we run, what levels they run at and what they may entail.

  • Home Defense Fleets [HD] – These fleets are called when we need to expel enemies from our space or have to save larger assets, i.e, capitals and supers – Attendance is suggested, however not mandatory
  • Roaming Fleets [ROAM] – These fleets are taken out by Fleet Commanders casually, just to get some PvP action going – Completely optional
  • Skirmish Operations [SKIRM] – These operations have an objective to be completed – Attend if you can, however not mandatory
  • Strategic Operations [STRATOP] – These operations are for objectives at a Coalition/Alliance level – These are to be attended if you are online and prepared
  • Call To Arms [CTA] – These operations are of maximum importance to everyone – You must attend these operations. “Say goodbye to your family, partner and your pet: this is it, you have to be there, 100%.”
  • Locust Fleet – This fleet is for miners interested in mining moons – This fleet type is not mandatory, however it can be rather lucrative.
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