Discord Channels

This document outlines our Discord channels and their related usage, as well as how they can be used. This will be broken down into general categories.

  • #coalition-pings – This channel is used for anything that is related to the Administrative side of the Coalition, Updates and other general pings that can affect the general members – Used by the Coalition Administration team to inform the members
  • #military-pings – This channel is used by FCs to ping fleets and military related issues – Only to be used to ping fleets and military related emergency pings
  • #mining-pings – This channel is used to ping mining and Lotus Fleet related pings – Used by a select group of people to ping opportunity mining fleets
  • #redlight-greenlight – This channel is to indicate the EN side of the Coalition is able to rat in Supers and mine in Rorquals – This channel should ONLY be used for Red/Greenlight Pings
  • #attack-notifications – This is where the bot lives that tells you what’s being attacked, this can be used to help counter hostile attacks or for content – Only the bot can ping here, all hail our robot overlords.

  • #general – This channel is used for socializing within the coalition, this channel includes all general membership that are currently signed up on our services.
  • EvE Meetup Channels – For every major meetup, there is usually a meetup channel, not always available to all members. i.e, #eve-toronto
  • #anime-sfw – This channel is for Anime related posting, however restricted to Safe For Work, also requires members to be part of the group within auth to access.
  • wc-en-industry-discussion - General industry discussion channel and home of Mindframe's "WinterCo Market Consortium" project.
  • mfs-market-miracle - Mindframe's "I-Ask, You-Build, I-Buy-It" project home.
  • #trading – This channel is used for buying, selling or trading items that aren’t being listed on the market, i.e, capital hulls, mass ore sales, mass ore buys, etc.
  • #pvp – This channel is used to discuss PvP within the EvE world with detail, fittings, techniques, upcoming classes or even general PvP advice!
  • #other-games – A channel for discussing games that are not EvE (like they exist).

We currently have four separate language channels, other than the English main #general chat, they are as follows:

  • #deutsch – For German/Deutsch speaking members
  • #español – For Spanish speaking members
  • #français – For French speaking members
  • #русский – For Russian speaking members

These channels are for requesting help from the Winter Coalition I.T. team

  • #helpdesk – For issues with services, I.T. or any other thing that you are unsure where to direct, you can ask here

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